WaterBotics® ROV Engineering Kit (**Available upon Sr. Engineer Program Enrollment)

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WaterBotics® ROV Engineering Kit

**Available the first day of Senior Engineer class. One WaterBotics® ROV Kit per registrant.

**Order processing requires Student’s Enrollment ID Number (SEIN), all orders received without validate (SEIN) will not be processed**

Kit Includes:

(1) LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 Expansion Set 45560

The Expansion Set contains a wide range of structural and mechanical elements to augment the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 Core Set. Students can deepen their experience with the additional building programs and instructions.

(4) LEGO® Power Functions M-Motor 8883

Build an extra medium-strength, medium-sized M-Motor into your LEGO® creations and watch things start moving!

(4) LEGO® Power Functions Extension 20" Wire 8871

Build your LEGO® Power Functions-equipped models bigger, better and more mechanized and motorized than ever before by adding this 20" extension wire!

(1) LEGO® Power Functions Battery Box 8881

Give even more power and movement to your LEGO® creations with an extra battery box to supply power to your LEGO Power Functions motors! Each battery box can power 2 XL-Motors or 4 M-Motors at the same time.Requires 6 AA (1,5V) batteries, not included.

(2) LEGO® Power Functions IR Receiver 8884

Build this LEGO® Power Functions IR receiver into your LEGO models and add amazing movement and functionality with a click of the remote control! IR Receiver has 2 outputs that connect up to 2 different LEGO Power Functions. LEGO® Power Functions IR RC system operates on 4 different channels enabling you to control 4 different motors at the same time. Use 8885 IR Remote Control to control functions on the IR Receiver! The reaching distance of the infra-red RC system is at least 30' (10m). Requires battery box (Item #8881),

(2) LEGO® Power Functions IR Remote Control 8885

Build a LEGO® Power Functions IR receiver, battery box and motors into your LEGO creations, then use this handy remote control to start, stop, change direction and more! The LEGO Power Functions IR Remote Control system operates on 4 different channels enabling the use of 4 motors being controlled at the same time. Control up to 8 different LEGO Power Functions with one remote by connecting 2 LEGO Power Functions to 4 different receivers each. The reaching distance of the infra-red RC system is at least 30' (10m).

(1) Custom Fabricated Pelican 1020 Micro Case S31020

A water-resistant, crushproof, and dust-proof case made to carry the ROV’s LEGO® Power Functions Battery Box, and LEGO® Power Functions IR Receiver 8884. The case includes connector bricks for the LEGO® Power Functions M-Motor 8883 and ROV’s frame.It is made of copolymer, which makes it extremely strong and durable. It has a rubber liner for extra protection, which doubles as an o-ring seal.

(1) Custom Fabricated Propellers Set S3-Prop

The set includes (4) custom plastics 1.75" Dia. 1.50" Pitch Left Hand 3/16" Bore boat propellers and 1 custom flying dragonfly propeller.

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