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Leslie Davis-Green, has over 12 years of elementary school educator experience. She received a BS in General Studies/Social Sciences, and a MS in Elementary Education from the University of Bridgeport.  

H. Lee Green, has over 30 years of corporate financial analytical operation experience. He received a BS in Psychology from the University of Bridgeport and a M.Ed. in Education Psychology / Instructional Learning Technology from Temple University.  

Aliyah Green, A junior instructor that aspires to be a child psychologist. Has been dancing for fourteen years in all genres. Attending junior year of high school as well as takes advanced placement classes. While maintaining a 3.7 GPA, is fascinated with the S3 S.T.E.M. Program and hopes to leave a bright and intelligent mark on one's child.

Mission Statement

To equip and inspire the next generation of learners to become 21st century digital leaders through the use of S.T.E.M. educational technology tools.  Learners will become equipped to meet the challenges of a global society through innovation, collaboration, and creative problem solving skills.

Teaching Philosophy

Education, at its root, is the hunger for knowledge; and the willingness to learn is the beginning of the journey towards wisdom. We provide learners with a proven framework to increase their self-worth and their value as a member of the greater community and workforce.


Our group places the student, never the material, at the center of the instructional models. Our goal is to guide students to discover the meaning of knowledge through experiential learning that leads to a deeper level of understanding of how they learn. 


This is achieved using educational approaches that engage in reflective practices and recognizes that all students have strengths that can, and should, be leveraged to make learning experiences more relevant.

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